Agree to Disagree

Im gonna give this a try. I miss Paul Pierce.

Last night was a perfect illustration of what number 34 does.  He navigates the ship in the smartest way possible. Rondo is great but its just not the same when it comes down to the wire. Brandon Bass had the ball when we really needed a basket and that is usually when we lean on the captain. The Celtics really needed Paul last night, but I feel okay about how they played.  I just hate LeBron.



Here are some photos of the things that I really started to enjoy during my time sans media. I have to say it was a nice change. I noticed the quiet and started to enjoy it.

Wow thats what a sunrise looks like

The little things in life

I think the animals enjoyed it most of all

I love Yerba.



Tilly loves the beach even when it is cold

Good Dog

Naps are common

Tilly sits like this all the time and it looks painful

Cold outside but warm on the inside - Shortrib chili served over polenta


Found this funny carrot at work

People still listen to the radio??

So my mini survey was basically split right down the middle. 50% radio 50% internet. The oldest form of mass communication and the newest world changing technology we know as the inter webs.

Nevermind, Thoreau was a hippie and I AM NOT a hippie.

But some of my friends seem to think I am.

I work at  Royal River Natural Foods in Freeport and I take pride in my job. Providing people with an opportunity to buy organic local produce and groceries is something that I feel honestly passionate about. I enjoy, but am not exclusive to, good vegan and vegetarian food. I wish nothing more than to eventually have a small vegetable garden to feed myself. For some reason some people I know label me as a “hippie”. This automatically means I don’t have a TV,  I don’t wear deodorant, I occupied Congress St., I blow glass, and tour with String Cheese Incident.  I guess what I have have the most problem with is the word “hippie”. It is a word that is so outdated and out of touch, that using it sort of makes you sound “stupid”. It is a generality that has grown to wrongly encompass an enormous amount of people. Unfortunately it does still exist and I hear it all the time.

BUT, as we all know there is some truth to most generalities. I had to admit there was a connection of values that my coworkers and I share. (Including some of the previous descriptions). As I read excerpts from “Walden”, I started to see parallels between Thoreau and the philosophies of the counter-culture that I feel a part of.

  • A simplified life invites spirituality to become a part of it
  • Worship the natural world
  • It is honorable and responsible to be self-sustainable


a modern day Thoreau?

Its kind of uncanny.

So I have turned off all media outlets for the past 24 hours and I have 24 more to go. I am going to work today so I will be forced to listen to some elevator retail music. Im sure Henry wouldn’t let it get to him. I seriously think Im related to this bro. Look at the middle name!!