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Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Victor Baryshevtsev

I’m not going to let this global warming bologna ruin my latest quest for glory in the form of ice hockey. Thanks to this guy I’m more excited than ever.

I think the starts are my favorite part. (1:04)

See you at freeskate/next winter Victor.

365 Days of Matilda

3 months (still hates the car)

┬áToday is the wiener dog’s birthday. Check her stats:

Age: 1

Hieght: 4 inches

Length: 16 inches

Weight: 11 lbs.

Trips to the ER: 2

Tricks learned: 2

Bark: Rare, but very loud

Nights out of the crate: none

Rookie of the Year

Back when skiing was cool

We were the coolest looking kids on White Heat. Shreddin bumps, takin dumps. Notice that Greg was deep into his Wu-Tang phase at this time.

Now exhibit B, a classic example of the uncomfortable game. You might recognize that little guy on the left. Again Greg steals the show with the biggest snowmobiling puffy you have ever seen. Take notice, the well trained eye will see Dick Paaso in the background and Paul Fortin in the foreground (aka crazy rasta helmet)

I love my friends FO EVA.

btw its snowing and I love it.

How did I miss Sean Avery in Portland??

Shanz caught these warriors out on the marsh today. It was a solid 8 degrees out, perfect conditions.

For those who dont know him, Mr. Sean Avery is one of the most hated characters in all of hockey in the last 10+ years. A real gem. Little do I know, he recently got sent down by the Rangers to the Connecticut Whale (just in time for the Winter Classic, ouch). The Whale comes to Portland to play the Pirates on Monday and I blow it.

I could’ve seen my favorite Pirate Ryan Hollweg aka best stache in sports squaring off with ass hat legend Sean Avery.
Heres a little Sean Avery classic for your viewing pleasure.

It’s my favorite kind of night: Bruins & Celtics on at the same time. We love sports and we dont care who knows.

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Baby Mama

So today is my Mom’s birthday.

I won’t tell you how old she is but I will tell you she’s still just a baby.

She is the smartest, hardest working, most charming, loving, selfless, person I know and I love her.

She is an unbelievable cook, business woman, friend, writer, mother, and a million other things. A true renaissance lady.

She has taught me how to ski, be a good friend, have integrity, and give our pets hilarious voices.

I love you Mom. Happy Birthday!!!!!