Holy Crap Pedro is the Man

Remember this guy?

WEEI’s Big Show just did an unbelievable interview with Pedro that you can find on iTunes or On Demand from WEEI’s website. It’s a little bit baseball dorky but so awesome. I hate giving credit to the guys on the radio because they really didn’t do anything. All the credit should be given to Pedro. That dude is the sharpest, most honest athlete I have ever heard. I’m so used to every guy being so effing boring that I can’t even listen. To me, the sports interview is sort of dead because of this.

This is just another example of the Red Sox becoming a robotic, rotten clubhouse of douchebaggery. Guys like Pedro helped create a environment of hard work and enthusiasm for baseball that led to World Series championships. I think at this point, this attitude has worn off and its sad.  sigh  Enough of my sour grapes and man-crush on Pedro Martinez.

BTW  our Dachshund Tilly totally did this to me the other day.