Agree to Disagree

Month: February, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Victor Baryshevtsev

I’m not going to let this global warming bologna ruin my latest quest for glory in the form of ice hockey. Thanks to this guy I’m more excited than ever.

I think the starts are my favorite part. (1:04)

See you at freeskate/next winter Victor.

365 Days of Matilda

3 months (still hates the car)

¬†Today is the wiener dog’s birthday. Check her stats:

Age: 1

Hieght: 4 inches

Length: 16 inches

Weight: 11 lbs.

Trips to the ER: 2

Tricks learned: 2

Bark: Rare, but very loud

Nights out of the crate: none

Rookie of the Year

I hear the call of the Mastodon

Triple jawed minotaurs have a special place in my heart

One of my all time favorite bands, Mastodon,¬† are touring their new album “The Hunter” this winter/spring and to my joy THEY ARE COMING TO PORTLAND AGAIN!! I think it’s because they miss us.

My homie Ross and drummer Brann Dailor post show last year

Needless to say I am mucho excited. It should be a curb-stomping good time. I know this sort of head crushing, organ splitting prog massacre music isn’t for everyone. Either way, I want you to watch this video. Mute it if you have to. It says a lot to me about why Mastodon is different and better than the thousands of other metal acts out there. Originality and creativity.

See you at the show. Don’t forget your helmet earplugs.