The Red Sox lost their swagger.

by thewildbriar

I’ve been hearing about a great article called “Red Sox Confidential” from Boston Magazine by John Bailey (former Red Sox PR guy). Today I finally get around to reading it. It’s a lengthy collection of stories giving insight to the personalities of Red Sox owners Larry Lucchino and John Henry. It actually is a pretty good read and would recommend it to any Sox fan.

However, there was one very short part at the beginning that made it all worth the while. John Bailey explains how the new ownership group came to be: Les Otten and Tom Werner were pushed out of the bidding, needed bigger money, and Lucchino & Henry stepped in.

“They wound up getting the team, of course, but Otten’s role was severely diminished. His sometimes-clumsy attempts to involve himself in team governance — arriving uninvited for management meetings, and even showing up at spring training in full Red Sox uniform to take grounders from Johnny Pesky — made him persona non grata, and his eventual severance from the team was awkward and a bit messy.”

Showing up in full uniform? Inviting himself to baseball meetings? Can’t you just imagine that? Les out there stabbing grounders, slapping players’ butts, running the bases by himself….hilarious. That kind of character is gone from Red Sox now.

Maybe Les was on to something and John Henry should get out there this spring with some headfirst slides for the press.

A good article overall but I still just have that crappy taste in my mouth from last year. I think it’s almost gone but you don’t just get over shit like that. All the things that made the Red Sox so likable in the last decade were completely crushed. It takes a lot more time to be liked than disliked in baseball and these overpaid jerkoffs need to hurry up and get to work.

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