A thoughtful film I think you should watch

by thewildbriar


I’m not entirely sure why I have been so obsessed with this movie.

It’s is called “Following Sean” by Ralph Arlyck.  Ralph moved to Haight Street in San Fransisco in 1969, lived below a hippie family including 4 year old Sean (pictured), and used him as the subject of a short film. Sean talks about smoking pot, cops, riots, and farts. It got tons of mixed publicity at the time, but still an undeniably amazing short film.

30 years later Ralph decided to find out what happened to Sean. He maintains contact with Sean for years and finally released “Following Sean” in 2005.


The film starts out as a documentary about the Haight and evolves into an wonderfully real essay about family, life, and the good ol’ human condition. Let me know what you think about it. This may just be my quarter life crisis talking.

p.s. You can watch it online on Netflix. http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/70044863