Nevermind, Thoreau was a hippie and I AM NOT a hippie.

by thewildbriar

But some of my friends seem to think I am.

I work at  Royal River Natural Foods in Freeport and I take pride in my job. Providing people with an opportunity to buy organic local produce and groceries is something that I feel honestly passionate about. I enjoy, but am not exclusive to, good vegan and vegetarian food. I wish nothing more than to eventually have a small vegetable garden to feed myself. For some reason some people I know label me as a “hippie”. This automatically means I don’t have a TV,  I don’t wear deodorant, I occupied Congress St., I blow glass, and tour with String Cheese Incident.  I guess what I have have the most problem with is the word “hippie”. It is a word that is so outdated and out of touch, that using it sort of makes you sound “stupid”. It is a generality that has grown to wrongly encompass an enormous amount of people. Unfortunately it does still exist and I hear it all the time.

BUT, as we all know there is some truth to most generalities. I had to admit there was a connection of values that my coworkers and I share. (Including some of the previous descriptions). As I read excerpts from “Walden”, I started to see parallels between Thoreau and the philosophies of the counter-culture that I feel a part of.

  • A simplified life invites spirituality to become a part of it
  • Worship the natural world
  • It is honorable and responsible to be self-sustainable